The book titled How to Judge a Horoscope by B.V. Raman: Volume 1 in English in PDF format. How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. It is a study in the use of Horoscope in every man`s daily life. Bangalore B. V. Raman PREFACE TO NINTH EDITION How to Judge a Horoscope is a book on the practical or applied side of astrology.

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A self-made man, ordinary education, 68 How to Judge a Horoscope chequerred career but now well-to-do. Interested in occult forms of study they possess a subtle ramna, hard to influence.

How to Judge a Horoscope I

The native died on at about 12 noon in Guru Dasa, Guru Bhukti. Lagna Balance of Sun Dasa at birth: Lists with This Book. Judgr, the Sun and Mercury are neutrals. Even when Lagnadhipati is strong but the lord of sign occupied by Lagnadhipati is blemished, the benefic results decrease and the malefic effects are augmented. The disposition is calm, grave and serious.

The fourth house rules breasts.


They can best take up occupations of a fluctuating nature. All relatives become enemies. Mercury makes the man intellectual.

Vaibhav Ramesh rated it really liked it Jan 19, When once overcome the student will no doubt be horosocpe in drawing right conclusions. Bangalore Venkata Raman was an Indian astrologer. The Nectar of Immortality. Each sign has certain planets well disposed or ill- disposed. A careful study of a large number of horoscopes has revealed that when Lagnadhipati is not strong and well disposed, but occupies the 3rd vipat5th pratyak and 7th naidhana constellations from Janma Nakshatra the star daman by the radical Moonthe evil indications would be intensified.

The Arts in Culture, Vol.

How to Judge a Horoscope: Volume 1 and 2 by B.V. Raman

Aditya Gupta is currently reading it Apr 24, Rajeev Jhanji rated it really liked it Aug 26, From the River of Heaven. Sun Mars Balance of Mars Dasa at birth: It is neither a physical science in the sense that physics or chemistry is; nor is it metaphysical.

Mars may be taken as a feeble benefic. Second House represents family, face, right eye, food, manners and source of death. Mercury and Venus are malefics.

The Tibetan Medicine and your Health. Jupiter gives a fair complexion, large eyes and dignified stature. It is X supposed to signify mother, education, landed and house properties.


Self- indulgence especially in regard to gluttony will affect health. Their ambitions remain unfulfilled to a great extent. When the ascendant is Thu l a Libra Saturn owns 4th and 5th — an angle and a trine respectively and hence he becomes yogakaraka.

Jupiter is of course free from neecha effect. Slnarayana marked it as to-read Nov 30, There will be much travelling. Saturn exalted and the Sun debilitated aspect Lagna. Shriyans marked it as to-read Apr 08, The Sun adds nobleness to the figure and increases health of the constitution. They are forgiving and do not hold a grudge long. When Lagnadhipati is well disposed, the native’s rise in life will be brought about by his brothers.

How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. The native becomes well-read, particularly in occult studies.