This practical coursebook introduces all the basics of semantics in a simple, step- by-step fashion. Each unit includes short sections of. This elementary coursebook has been carefully planned to introduce students by discovering the value and fascination of studying semantics, and move on to. : Semantics: A Coursebook (): James R. Hurford, Brendan Heasley, Michael B. Smith: Books.

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An analogy should not be pushed too far.

Full text of “Iif Kgpm Hurford J. R., Heasley B. Semantics. A Coursebook.”

Skipping ahead, or dipping into later units, may work, but couraebook less likely to build up a good solid foundation for understanding all courdebook concepts involved. Yes I No Feedback 1 Yes 2 Yes 3 No 4 No 5 Yes, assuming that the speaker has 40 Conirnent In the above examples the linguistic context often gave a vital clue as to whether the indefinite noun phrase was a referring expression or not.

Natalie Skouson rated it liked it Feb 07, Predicates include words from various parts of speech, e.

Human knowledge grows cumulatively with occasional drastic leaps and revolutions. In particular, predicates may be embedded in referring expressions as, for instance, the predicates man, in, and corner are embedded in the referring expression the man in the corner. We call them referring expressions along with John, the roof, and Cairo. Which of the two utterances just mentioned would it be more appropriate to use?

Practice Think carefully about each of the following general statements, and try to say whether it is true T or false F. Semantixs Is the universe of discourse in each of the following cases the real world as far as we can tell Ror a partly fictitious world J 7?

Professor John Lyons for extremely careful and detailed critical comments on virtually the whole of the book, comments which, in the many cases where we have heeded them, definitely improve the book.

In these examples in a prepositiondusty an adjectiveand city a noun are predicates. The result is a kind of ‘Tarzan jungle talk’, e. Smith No preview available – Does it seem reasonable to say that a speaker is continually updating his idea of the set of all cats, to include the newcomers? See 2 questions about Semantics…. Practice Look at the following utterances and state whether they are intended to be taken literally Yes or srmantics No.


Yes I No 4 In normal conversation, if a person was recounting some story, would he usually begin a narrative using she without indicating in advance who he was talking about? Boy bad for The boy is bad, or Woman write speech for Cohrsebook woman is writing the speech. Burford what exactly is definiteness? TIF 9 If someone says, ‘I tried to buy some rice’, his hearer would normally infer that he had actually failed to hrford rice.

In everyday conversation the words meaning, means, mean, semanticx, etc.

We cannot imagine any situation in which one is true and the other false. Comment Assuming the same universe of discourse is essential to successful communication.

Semantics: A Coursebook

But the things we can talk about and the things that exist are not exactly the same. To ask other readers questions about Semanticsplease sign up. We shall see that we have to be very careful, when talking doursebook meaning, to make it clear whether we are dealing with utterances or sentences. Use the referring expressions George W. Comment This very traditional definition is unfortunately vague, but it is hard to arrive at a better one for our purposes.

He is spared the physical labour and inconvenience of experiments or expeditions to ascertain facts – he can do semantics from his armchair. The book teaches you the technical terms you need to know, but the language of the book itself is well suited even to complete laymen.

Semantics : a coursebook / James R. Hurford and Brendan Heasley – Details – Trove

Similarly, the extension of dead includes all things which have been dead in the hurfodd and presumably still are, if they still existwhich are dead now, and which will be dead in the future.

Bush b Bill Clinton 2 variable reference 3 a George W. Other definitions could yield different results. Example Asleep is a predicate of degree one often called a one-place predicate Love verb is a predicate of degree two a two-place predicate Practice 1 Are the following sentences acceptable?


Feedback 1 one 2 No 3 one 4 one 5 one 6 one 7 one Comment Most nouns are one-place predicates. Yes I No 4 Can the verb hit ever be used as a referring expression?

A completely new unit on non-literal language and metaphor, plus updates throughout the text significantly expand the scope of the original edition to bring it hurfofd with modern teaching of semantics for introductory courses in linguistics as well as intermediate students. Words and things extensions and prototypes. As a conversation progresses, items previously unmentioned and not even associated with the topics so far discussed are mentioned for the first time and then become part of the context of the following utterance.

Unit 1 Study Guide and Cousrebook Directions After you have read Unit 1 you should be able to tackle the following questions to test your understanding of the main ideas raised in the unit. Lewis Carroll’s aim was to amuse, and he could afford to be enigmatic and even nonsensical.

Practice Imagine a language, called Zonglish, exactly like English in all respects, except that it contains no deictic terms at all, i.

Comment The state of affairs typically involves persons or things referred to by expressions in the sentence and the situation or action they are involved in. Daniel Kurniawan rated it really liked it Jun 10, By the way, has the 42 bus gone by yet?

Comment Note that generic sentences can be introduced by either a or the or neither. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Some more examples follow: I meant “there’s a nice knockdown argument for you.

In later units we will deal with some problems with the notion of sense. One thing we would recommend, as you proceed through this book, is that you take a positively critical attitude to the ideas being put forward. In the few cases where we have not followed his advice, we fear that we may yet regret it.