ANALYSIS By Ben Hayward | Spanish Football Editor Veni, vidi, vici – I came, I saw, I conquered. Julius Caesar in 47 BC, not Jose Mourinho in. José Mourinho forgot happiness need not be a weakness 2 Ken Early: Like Napoleon, Mourinho is the outsider always trying to prove himself. of José Mourinho’s leadership approach, Soccer & Society reading, posing in their stadium, veni, vidi, vici, letting emerge48 a new reality in.

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Victory over Bayern Munich brought a triumphant treble; it was an epic event, a trememdous tale tinted with legendary lustre, magic and myth.

Jose Mourinho: “The Alexander of Europe” |

Myriad factors come into play, but still the question is begged: Cowed, they have lost the game mentally even before they step onto the pitch, he claims. From start to bitter end, Ranieri’s whirlwind rise and fall defied all explanation and rational analysis. However, rather than being blacklisted, the young coach was given the opportunity at AC Milan, with whom he enjoyed his longest spell to date and took home two Champions League titles.

In a one-off game, City are more than capable of matching, and beating, United.

Jose Mourinho: ‘The Alexander of Europe’

The Portuguese is often accused of placing short-term sparkle above long-lasting growth at his clubs, and the current crises at Chelsea and Inter would suggest the year-old’s transfer policy did indeed lack long-term vision. Serie A might have a reputation for putting the manager’s head on the chopping block quicker than a medieval prince, but perceived failure in one job has never hindered the persistent from getting back on the horse, learning from mistakes and improving.

As Jose Mourinho turns 50 today, Goal. He was faced with the challenge of overcoming title holders Barcelona in the semi-finals beating them on aggregate having lost by a goal at Nou Camp which Mourinho described as the most beautiful defeat in his life. It also gives Mancini the freedom to rotate a few players in the next few matches as he tries to keep the squad fresh in their bid to retain the FA Cup.


However, beyond the sheer number of available and willing coaches, there are lessons to be learned from the Premier League’s most successful import. Mancini claimed before the game that the gap between the two sides was nowhere near the 15 points as reflected in the table — based on this showing he was right. That Jose wrested the Copa del Rey from their grasp, only to reclaim the league title a year later setting new maximum points and goals scored records in the processfurther enhanced his claim to a spot in the managerial Hall of Fame.

Not sure I entirely agree with you Pavan.

Despite his status as a Juventus legend, Conte wasn’t ushered to the high rollers tables without paying his dues. The advanced tactical nous and in-built fanaticism of the Azzurri may be a slightly tired, fetishised cliche, mourinhl there is undeniably something more going on that is breeding success among coaches time and again in a mourinyo that is fundamentally not happening in other countries. Yes, he came, he saw, and he conquered. In a sense, this was a Manchester derby that City absolutely had to win, to reassert the fact that although this was not their season, they will continue to be challenging for honors in seasons to come.

They also went through three different coaches.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Why Manchester City had to win the Manchester derby

While this season may mark Conte’s first term away from his homeland, Ranieri and Ancelotti have worked in five different countries apiece, while Mancini currently lags behind on three.

Despite his status as a Juventus legend, Conte wasn’t ushered to the high rollers tables without paying his dues. Rather than sending statements of intent or whatever, the message I would take from the game was how woeful this Premier League has been. When United won at the Etihad Stadium, it vemi a message to City that they were out to reclaim the title and dead-serious about it.

It shows no teams have competed with Utd, despite them being a poor side. Ryan Giggs has been doing it consistently since In any domain, after the congratulations have died down, the euphoria worn off, the first-time winner is inevitably confronted by this question: In hindsight, iose had worked out plans and strategies meticulously in their heads. Occasionally, he catches himself reflecting about football; and at other times, he clings to the belief that it’s better to be a has-been than a never-was.


Proclaimed by many as the best club team ever assembled, here was a side that passed the ball, closed down opponents and mesmerized audiences like no other.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Why Manchester City had to win the Manchester derby – Back Page Football

But then he left. While the Roman Republic was reinforced and subsequently became an enduring Empire following the death of Caesar, Mourinho’s sides struggled after the passing of the Portuguese.

Breakthroughs such as this are few and far between for Portuguese clubs. Both arrived in England as young managers on the back of European success at Porto. As well as adaptability, and experience, another positive to be learned from the Italian mentality is its recycling of coaches, and their vehi.

It would have been a very nervous situation indeed.

History can only be built up over time when you prove, again and again, that you can vico the standards of excellence. Even though the quest to retain their trophy is almost definitely futile now, City mlurinho went toe-to-toe with United for much of the game, ably repelling United attacks, and carving out opportunities of their own, instead of giving up and rolling over.

It was also a chance for City to demonstrate that they were definitely as good as, or even superior to, if we wanted to push the cidi a little bit further United.

This was City laying down a marker for the future. Instead, this was City sending out a message that they will definitely be back next season; United will have their work cut out for them retaining the title. His original revamp of Porto no strangers to spending themselves that led them to European silverware was shrewd, but expensive.